Melissa Fairbanks, L.C.C.H. - Classical Homeopath

Homeopathy is Health
…and Health is Life.

About Me

My first introduction to homeopathy was as a sickly 8 year-old, suffering from frequent illnesses that the family doctor could neither diagnose nor cure. On a chance recommendation - and in some desperation - my mother took me to Dr. Marjorie Blackie - then the Queen's homeopath.
To the delight and relief of both myself and my mother - I made a rapid and lasting recovery.

Over the years I became increasingly fascinated by medicine. However, in spite of many of the wonders of medical science, I questioned deeply as to how one part or system of the human being could be treated in isolation from the totality of mind, body and emotions, and I was frequently horrified at medicine's toxic and unwanted side effects.

Having two young children with the usual coughs and sneezes, I remembered my own health's 'turn-about', and so began a lifetime of study, enquiry and practice into this most wonderful of the healing arts - homeopathy.

It was the system I had been looking for, and much more. It brought together my thoughts and aspirations as to what medicine should be able to do, in addressing the person as a whole. Suddenly my interest in the workings of the mind, the emotions and the body came together in one system.

In 1986 I began study at the London College of Classical Homeopathy and was fortunate to be taught by many of the most experienced homeopaths - so that I gained a solid foundation in classical homeopathy.
I became a Registered Member of the Society of Homeopaths and practiced in London for two years until moving to California in 1992.

What was meant to be a short stay in the States turned out far longer - nearly sixteen years. During that time I built a large and thriving practice treating many hundreds of patients and regularly taught at professional seminars and homeopathic colleges.

Now I make a much longed for return to England.
I come back with a wealth of experience in homeopathy - but with the sense that there is always more to learn and understand.
No matter how many books we study or seminars we attend - our very finest teacher is Life itself.

I have chosen as a symbol for my work, a design based on the Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral. A labyrinth has a single path that leads dependably, although circuitously, to the center. If you stay on the path, you WILL reach the center. I like to think that this symbolises not only our work as Homeopaths, but indeed, our journey through Life.

“In my years of practice I have met only a handful of homeopaths toward whom I feel complete confidence - Melissa Fairbanks is one of these. Her training, dedication, compassion and wisdom combine to make Melissa one of the finest homeopaths I know. I have sent my own family to Melissa for years. In short, I am incapable of giving a higher recommendation.”
Roger Morrison, M.D.
Author of Desktop Guide to Keynotes and Confirmatory Symptoms, and Organic Compounds & Hydrocarbon Remedies in Homeopathy.

“Through her many seminars, Melissa has forever improved the landscape of American Homeopathy by introducing us to many of the current international leaders in homeopathy. The influence of this soft-spoken, sweet woman has been immense.”
Greg Bedayn. California