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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at my first appointment?
I like to allow up to two hours for our first meeting so that I may thoroughly listen to and gather all the information necessary to find your remedy.
During the consultation I will ask about your illness or symptoms – but also, equally important - about you as an individual.
I wish to hear about your personal and family history, about any stressful aspects of your life that could cause a change in health, and about feelings, physical symptoms and perceptions you may be experiencing. Having taken your full history and after you leave the clinic, I will then analyse all that information in order to individualise the remedy. This can take an additional 1-3 hours. No two people with eczema or migraines, for example, will necessarily need the same remedy. When I am satisfied with my choice of remedy for you – I will order it from the pharmacy and they will send it to you with instructions.
What are the remedies like?
They are generally in the form of small, pleasant tasting pills, which you allow to dissolve in your mouth. Sometimes you will be given the remedy in a powder or liquid form. As long as they are kept in a cool place out of direct heat or light, they will stay effective indefinitely.
How long does treatment take?
This will often depend on how long you have not been well. If it is a complaint you have suffered with for some time, it may take several visits before you feel completely well again.
If however, it is a more recent complaint, you will almost certainly feel better after only one or two visits.
The effects of a homeopathic remedy (even a single dose) can last for several weeks and sometimes several months – so, unlike the weekly visits often advised for other treatments, such as acupuncture – you will only need to see me about every 3-4 weeks.
In all cases, the aim of homeopathy is to help you to heal quickly, gently and permanently. And because homeopathy works by strengthening your own immune system and healing response – you will find that you are generally much healthier and able to recover from any other illnesses that may occur – or avoid them altogether!
What if I am taking conventional medicine too?
As each therapeutic system is working on different levels of the body there is no danger of contraindications. Homeopathic remedies work well alongside most conventional medicines.
It may be important to have your doctor monitor the medications you are taking as your requirements for long-term drugs may change during the course of homeopathic treatment.
You should never discontinue your conventional medications without consulting your medical doctors.
I have heard that I can antidote my remedy, is that true?
Generally, you shouldn't worry about 'antidoting' your homeopathic remedies. However, there are some substances that may counteract the healing effects of a remedy such as some aromatic oils, and coffee, for those people that show sensitivity towards caffeine.
Equally, situations where you may be under unusual stress, such as extensive dental work or long-distance travel may effect treatment – but let me know if this is going to happen and often it is just a case of taking an extra dose of your remedy.
Can I take another homeopathic remedy while I am seeing you?
Homeopathic remedies (including the Scheussler Cell Salts) have relationships to one another and it is important that you don't take another homeopathic remedy without checking first.
The exception to this is if you are in any kind of emergency situation like an accident, in which case you can take Arnica (or any other indicated remedy) … and then call your homeopath as soon as you can.
My friend has migraines just like me – can I give her some of the remedy that worked so well for me?
You may have similar migraines, but that was only one part of your total ‘picture’! The reason your remedy cured your migraines was because so many aspects of your individual self were taken into account in choosing the remedy. Your friend would have to be an exact clone of you in every aspect of her life for the remedy to help her!
What should I do if I fall ill with a cough or a cold between visits?
If your acute illness is familiar to you it may be a healing response (a temporary return of old symptoms) and will pass quite quickly.
If the illness is unrelated to anything you have experienced in the past, and you know others who have a similar illness (there is something going around and you have 'caught' it), then you might be able to use homeopathy to help you through it.
Please call for reassurance if you are at all concerned.
Can I take aspirin for a fever?
It is generally inadvisable to suppress a fever. Fevers are one of the body's self-healing mechanisms and actually help your body to fight infection. As long as your temperature is not too high it is healthier to let nature take its course.
Rest and sleep as much as possible. Drink plenty of fluids and eat only if you feel hungry. A light diet will give your digestion a rest and help your body to recover faster too.
What can I do for a headache or menstrual cramps?
If you are in pain and are not able to contact your homeopath you can take the occasional pain-reliever. This is generally not a problem.

Please note that these answers reflect the opinion of Melissa Fairbanks. Other homeopathic practitioners may have different answers to some of these questions.

Some of this FAQ sheet is reprinted by kind permission of my friend and colleague, Miranda Castro F.S.Hom. Miranda practices in Florida and has written several excellent books on homeopathy.
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