Melissa Fairbanks, L.C.C.H. - Classical Homeopath

Homeopathy is Health
…and Health is Life.

When to use Homeopathy

Over the years I have treated hundreds of people from every age group, for a variety of complaints. Ranging from the pregnant mum and her unborn child, through the birth process – to those needing palliative care at the end of life.


However in recent years I am struck by how many couples are being told they are infertile. They may have endured many attempts of IVF or other methods to try to conceive – and still no longed-for baby.
In America I saw and treated many so-called infertile couples and was delighted when many of them gave birth to healthy and beautiful babies.
The present widespread situation (one in six couples is said to be infertile) may have many causes. Women wait until they are older to begin trying for a baby, and if I was to start to write about the effects of toxins and stressors in the world today it would take a book, not a web page!
I have recently joined a wonderful organization, ‘Foresight’, which aims to help couples preconceptually. Through diet, allergy testing and various holistic and common sense means they have had remarkable results in cases of infertility, repeated miscarriages and related problems. Do check their website ( for more information.
Their approach is a perfect support and complement to my work as a homeopath.

‘Not only is Melissa Fairbanks a very special person but she has made the highest possible contribution to our lives. As a 42 year old woman my husband and I were having a very difficult time starting a family. We began working with Melissa. After a very short time we became pregnant and our beautiful son Zander came to us. Two years later we had a second son, Gavin. We love Melissa; she is an amazing spirit in so very many ways.
Anyone in the cradle of Melissa’s homeopathic care is a lucky one.’
Kelly and Deborah London, California

…and beyond

The moment of conception moves on, and with it, my experience as a homeopath.

Children and babies react wonderfully well to homeopathy. They are a joy to treat (especially as I am missing my own little granddaughter, Violette, who is in America!) as their strong vital energy responds quickly and easily when given the indicated remedy. Complaints such as eczema and ‘childhood diseases’ such as measles and chicken-pox can clear up quickly – as can teething troubles and colic.

As homeopathy works on the emotional as well as the physical level, it is also especially appropriate for times when our hormonal balance can be challenged.

I especially enjoy working with teenagers and having had two myself, am well aware of the difficulties and struggles this time of life can present.

And, whilst on the subject of hormones, the uncomfortable and troubling symptoms of menopause can be greatly diminished or totally eliminated with homeopathy.

Best of all, I enjoy to see whole families, and offer a discount for doing so. Sometimes seeing a daughter will help me understand the mother, or a grandfather will shed light on some aspect of his grandchild.
We are all of us connected.

There is hardly any complaint that cannot be treated homeopathically – those that have diagnostic ‘names’ and those that are nameless.
For many, homeopathy is their first and only choice in general health-care, coming to see me if they are just feeling a bit ‘under the weather’ and know they could feel better.

Here are just a few of the common ailments regularly and successfully treated.

‘Nearly 20 years ago it was my incredible good luck to hear Melissa speak at a conference. Her intuitive warmth was so sure that I summoned my nerve and asked her to treat my family. It was amazing how she zeroed in on the issues, long before I came to admit them. She is largely responsible for my current work in Homeopathy and has remained a sure reference when the need arises. Without hesitation I have referred many grateful patients to her, as I am certain of the loving care they will receive.’
Eileen Isison (US colleague and contact for Dr. Ramakrishnan, author of A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer)