Melissa Fairbanks, L.C.C.H. - Classical Homeopath

Homeopathy is Health
…and Health is Life.

How does Homeopathy work?

‘I’ve had two revelations in my life.
The first was bebop; the second was homeopathy.’
Dizzy Gillespie (1917 – 1993)

Have you noticed how the body wants to be well and whole?
Cut skin heals, cells regenerate, infections are met and destroyed in our body without our even knowing.
In fact, everyone carries within himself his own doctor.
Ancient physicians were familiar with this natural power of the organism to control disease and they invented a beautiful expression for it.
"Vis Medicatrix Nature"“The Healing power of nature”.

Much of this healing activity goes on without our even being aware of it – but sometimes – we need some help.
It is hardly surprising - given the fast pace, the pollution and the more prevalent toxins of today’s world - that it can a struggle to maintain that state of innate health and well-being.
It may be that our general health becomes compromised, or symptoms become too uncomfortable.
Doctors seldom have the luxury of time to really listen, truly hear what you are saying – and medications have numerous dangerous side effects.

Homeopathy seeks to restore the full potential of your body’s own ability to heal, quickly, gently and with no toxic or unwanted side effects.
And, as a homeopath – it is my job and my honour to hear all that you have to tell me of your self and your symptoms.

Homeopathy stimulates the body’s own innate healing response as the remedy gently helps to initiate the healing process, returning us to the vibrant state of well-being and health which is our right.

I strongly believe each one of us comes into the world with that right - and the means to enjoy perfect well-being and health.
This does not mean that we never experience illness - but it does mean that we can meet those challenges with the full strength of our powerful, inborn healing response.